Terre Di Montelusa Primitivo 2021


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75cl bottle.


This smooth, juicy Primitivo is full of Southern Puglian character. The vineyards are based in IGT Salento where the grapes can achieve early and full ripeness. It is medium bodied, ripe, with a touch of spice and soft velvety texture.
A note on the Primativo/Zinfandel relationship – Primitivo is principally found in Puglia (the ‘heel’ of Italy) as well as in Sicily. It was a somewhat obscure grape until it was recognised as being identical to California’s Zinfandel variety. DNA profiling showed that both grapes originated from an ancient Croatian vine, and therefore share a common origin.
The name ‘Primitivo’ however, has nothing to do with being ancient or primitive- it refers to the variety’s tenancy to ripen early.

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