About Us

Street Wines is a bit different to your traditional slightly stuffy Wine Merchant. We don’t have a long heritage and we don’t hold a Royal Warrant to sell to the Queen! But we do offer passion and fun, built on my own personal journey into the wonderful world of wine.

As a youth I attended catering college but it turned out I wasn’t that much of a chef. However, on a trip around Italy I discovered wine, and soon afterwards I got a job with Oddbins. I built up my knowledge by buying up all the charity shop wine books I could find. Oddbins was a brilliant & unusual wine company where we were sent on courses and even to wine regions. During the recession the shop closed & I was made redundant. My redundancy pay was poor & I risked a lot by spending it all on good wines I had learnt about, putting them on a list & then taking it around the streets to previous customers, bars & restaurants - which is why I named my business Street Wines.

Our business has grown and thrived on two founding principles: buy quality (there's plenty of terrible wine out there!) & treat everybody with kindness, from the customer who wants a single bottle of wine to enjoy themselves, to the customer living in the largest house in the village buying cases.

Although we started small & without a shop this has helped us to offer unbeatable value. We have no minimum order, and we deliver free (often on the same day) to Colchester & nearby areas. Delivery outside of Colchester is £12. We specialise in two areas - Everyday Wines where we offer quality mixed cases for £75, & Classic Wines from family producers. Our website features many different wines which we have sourced from auctions & private collections. We have also recently introduced a successful loyalty card scheme that rewards all customers with a bottle of decent Champagne every time they reach 60 bottles of wine from us.

If you would like information on our Special Offers or our wine list please contact me & I will email you my list.

Neils Dubro