Sakurao Original Japanese Gin


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70cl bottle.

CHUGOKU JOZO Co. Ltd, founders of Togouchi, were themselves founded in 1918 in the town of Sakurao in Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima.
In 2018 they founded a new distillery in the heart of Sakurao (meaning Cherry Blossom in Japanese) where they have turned their 100 years of innovation experience to the creation of the first gin to come from this region.
Their skill is bringing innovation to traditional spirits and with Sakurao Gin they bring the best flavours of the East to one of the West’s most-loved spirits.
They have created two gins – Sakurao Original, winner of a Gold (Best of Division) at the 2018 Los Angeles Spirit Awards and Sakurao Limited Edition Pink Gin.
There are 23 botanicals in the Sakurao Original Gin, nine of which are harvested from the area, the other 14 of which are more traditional gin ingredients, such as juniper, coriander, angelica root and cassia bark.
The Japanese ingredients which give it its uniqueness are:
• Lemon
• Navel Oranges
• Sweet Summer Oranges
• Yuzu
• Dai Dai
• Jinoki
• Green Tea
• Ako Shiso
• Ginger

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