Poetic Licence ‘The Rarities’ Agave Nectar 70cl


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Soft with a touch of caramel from post-distillation hibiscus and agave infusions. The nose is sweet from the natural, unrefined sugars of the agave nectar with aromas of earthy black pepper and floral notes from hibiscus and rose. The flavour is immediately sweet candied-ness which gives way to a vibrant, fresh lift from pink pepper. Juniper comes through next though more subtly than is typical for Poetic License gins, presenting itself as a piney, slightly menthol note. A rosy floral-ness follows with a slight bitter kick from hibiscus, then citrus with lemongrass managing the transition. The drink ends on citrus from kaffia lime leaves, aromatic black pepper and the sweetness agave promises. Known in Mexico as aguamiel, or “honey water.”

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