Katie Jones, Rouge 2019


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75cl bottle.

Farmed organically from old vines, some dating back 110 years.

Although it sometimes feels like yesterday, it was actually back in 2008 that I took the plunge and bought a vineyard here in the Languedoc. I’d lived and worked here for many years. But it’s one thing to work as I did in the wine trade, quite another as I hadn’t to make wine. True there have been moments – mainly when my back was killing me and the unforgiving Tramontane wind was threatening to blow me all the way to Toulouse – that made me wonder. But not often or for very long, because things couldn’t really have gone much better. People who should know have said some very nice things about our wines. They’ve won awards. I’ve bought more vineyards. We’ve started our very own wine club. And as well as falling in love with area, I fell for fellow wine maker, Jean Marc – a case of Me and Monsieur Jones, you might say.

All that and to be living in a beautiful part of France where there are Summer days when the air can be drenched in thyme, lavender and rosemary aromas that some- how find their way into the wines.

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