J. Bouchon Foye Carignan 2020


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75cl bottle.

This is made from handpicked Carignan grapes which were taken from France originally and have thrived in Chile, they make delightful wines, particularly when made from 70 year old gnarled bush vines like this impressive example.

It has a desirable bright purple colour, with lifted dark berry fruit aromas that really stand out, there are also baking spices and dry herbs. The palate is very juicy with a clean freshness that that balances the acidity perfectly against the fruit. It gets top marks for good honest savoury fruit flavours that leave you wanting more.

Pairing: This wine goes very well with fish and pasta.


Critic Reviews:

Carignan is an interesting grape that until the early 20th century was the most planted grape variety in France (at the time the most important wine producing country) . Winemakers began planting more Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as these grapes were more popular. Carignan plantings moved to and stayed in the South of France where the climate was more suitable. In Chile the desert climate brings out the absolute best in Carignan, it is higher yielding and needs no spaying of pesticides which it would need in cooler damper climates.