Heartland Foreign Correspondent 2018


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75cl bottle.

Langhorne Creek

Winemaker Ben Glaetzer

A good foreign correspondent brings us stories from around the world to enlighten us and broaden our understanding of the world. Heartland Foreign Correspondent brings international grapes and sets them in an Australian context to bring our wine drinkers the truth that not all reds taste the same. Bright and refreshing, perfect to serve slightly chilled, Foreign Correspondent is made for sunny afternoons, sharing stories with friends.

We were forced to abandon this wine in 2017 due to poor growing conditions for Dolcetto. Perfect growing conditions have led us to be able to revisit our new friend with very pleasing results. This is more fruit driven than our 2016 offering and is delicious cold, but will retain the joy as it warms in your glass. -Ben Glaetzer.

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