Gonzalez Byass Apostoles Palo Cortado Sherry 30 Year Old


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37.5cl bottle.

Apóstoles is dark amber in colour. It is an interesting wine with a elegant and delicate nose similar to an Amontillado with notes of concentrated
fruits. However complex and intense on the palate with notes of caramel, mature wood., nuts and candied orange peel.
This wine should be served slightly chilled in a small wine glass. Ideal with foie gras, mature cheeses and red meats.

The vineyards in Jerez are unique to the area. The soil in Jerez is majority Albariza. a white soil which contains up to 60% chalk. Therefore it has a large capacity for maintaining moisture, very important given the long, hot and dry summers as irrigation is prohibited. The area has a unique microclimate influenced by the surrounding Atlantic ocean and the rivers Guadalquivir and Guadalete. The prevailing winds are moist and warm, and now and again dry and hot Levante winds from north Africa. Temperatures are warm, with an average of 70% humidity and annual rainfall of 600 liters/m2. The harvest in Jerez begins mid August and generally lasts for 3 weeks maximum. The Pedro Ximénez grape, although a white grape, is treated slightly differently as it is destined for sweet wines. The grapes are collected from the vine slightly later and they are then sundried in a process called ´soleo´. For this the bunches are laid out on esparto mats in the vineyard for up to two weeks. During this time the grape loses about 40% of its volume due to evaporation of water which causes concentration of sugars.

Critic Reviews:

Decanter 91 points

Palo cortado is a rare style of dry Sherry that starts its life ageing under flor like a fino, before being aged oxidatively like an oloroso. It’s a real treat, and incredible value for money given that it has spent a minimum of 30 years ageing in cask. It’s dark amber in colour, tangy and raisined, with warmth and nuttiness. Savour it on its own, or serve with nuts and hard cheese.