Domaine de la Cornasse Chablis Beauroy Premier Cru 2012


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75cl bottle.

Under the tutelage of their winemaker/father Alain Geoffroy, daughters Sylvie, Nathalie and Aurelie have launched Domaine de la Cornasse: a new wine for a new generation. They produce 100% Chardonnay from the village of Chablis and Beauroy Premier Cru located on the favorable southwest facing slopes of Beines just outside the town of Chablis. The family has, in short, fabulous fruit. Their vineyard land sits on what is widely considered the best soils in the world. Kimmeridgian soil is the ancient bed of the Atlantic Ocean that is now clay/limestone with a heavy, nutrient blessed, mixture of fossilized oysters, fish skeletons and other sea life.


Exquisite rich and full but retains the classic Chablis steel with all the dry, flinty minerality that one expects. Perfectly balanced showing citrus, apples and an attractive touch of honey on its long finish. From an excellent  single vineyard & the great 2012 vintage.

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