Chateau Laborde Haut Medoc Rouge 2010


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75cl bottle.

When the 2010 Bordeaux vintage was first released it received more acclaim than any other release this century. Prices had never been higher and it caused a rush by merchants to secure and sell as much as possible, because of this there is remarkably little left of it.

Here we have a Medoc which is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 50% Merlot.  The aromas are a little slow to awake but have that reassuring forest woodland smell that comes through more with time in the glass. What makes this worth the wait is the full flavoured taste that bursts with heavy blackberry laden fruit, escorted up by excellent use of oak that adds to the pleasure of this plump juicy wine. Superb dark colour and well rounded mature style. This is indeed primetime and gives you an approachable Bordeaux with value for money and of course a taste of one of the greatest known vintages.

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