U Turn Pinot Grigio 2019


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75cl bottle.

Perfectly light and ultra refreshing with subtle citrus aromas. It has such a satisfying palate- that is more than can be said for many Pinot Grigio’s, this has a decent penetration of flavour with floral nuances and a crisp finish. Great as an appetizer or as a partner to seafood and fish and creamy pasta dishes.

In the early 1950s, Don Juan Munoz-Lopez arrived from Andalucia to farm grapevines. To him work is always more important than recognition and soil marks the rhythm of farm work.

In 2004, his sons decided to build a winery to produce high-quality wines with great fascination for innovation. In April that same year, they founded Las Perdices in the heart of their vineyard in Agrelo where they grew up and learned how to make wine.

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