The Legend of Big Bill Red 2018

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75cl bottle.

William “Big Bill” Millar. Now there was a man. Boxing champ, decorated war hero, Springbok rugby captain and the first General Manager of KWV. There is only one wine barrel in the world large enough to bear his name, to carry his legacy. As is there only one wine, and you’re holding it. Visit our cellar and you’ll notice a big, 22 000 l oak stuk vat, that dwarfs all of its contemporaries, just as Big Bill did. This vat, named after Big Bill himself, is the inspiration for Big Bill, a wine that’s larger than life.

Grapes- Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz

This vibrant red blend shows upfront aromas of blackberries, cherry and aniseed with hints of cloves and dark chocolate. The well-rounded structure
highlights sweet fruit on the palate and delivers a long, enduring finish.

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