Suffolk Strawberry & Cucumber Gin 70cl


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Nose- Ripe strawberry and candy floss with watermelon leading to intense cucumber.
Palate – Rich ripe red strawberries again with that candy floss sweetness rounded with powerful, clean cucumber with and a fresh lingering mint note. Finish – Rich sweet red fruit and slightly vegetal cucumber.

Suffolk Distillery
Prior to founding the distillery two years ago, Gary Wilkinson was a qualified industrial chemist — professional experience of alcohol production and flavour/fragrance blending were more than useful in creating his Dry Gin. Since then he has added a Navy Strength bottling (boasting an eye-watering 57% ABV) and a distinctive Mandarin & Cranberry variation. Their strikingly-designed bottles can be recognised by the ‘wolf and crown’ logo, a reference to the deliciously gory martyrdom of Suffolk’s patron Saint Edmund.

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