Balthasar Ress Rudesheimer Bishofsberg Riesling Kabinett 1971


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75cl bottle.

The producer is the renowned VDP wine estate Balthasar Ress. Founded in 1870 by the Rhein-gau hotelier Balthasar Ress, the wine estate numbers among the large, family-operated enterprises in the Rheingau today. Consistently high standards of performance and reliability have been hallmarks of the estate since its founding. Today the estate is run by Stefan and Christian Ress, who represent the fourth and fifth generations of the founding family.

A great vintage, particularly in the Rheingau, with best wines showing magnificent balance of richness and acidity.

The location is the westernmost Rheingau location with sedimentary soils. Then the Rhine breaks a swath through the Rhenish highlands and leaves behind on its flanks in Rüdesheim the primeval rock beds. The so-called Whisper Winds, these move in the morning over the Bischofsberg in east-west direction, condition that here the haze of the morning, not as in the rest of the Rheingau, stops. The vines have a not so high humidity and dry off faster. From the north they are protected from cold winds by the low forest. The deep soils have a good water retention capacity.

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